Solidarity Actions from Spanish Seafarers to Morocco

On 11 May, members of the ITF-affiliated Union Marocaine du Travail, took action across a number of Moroccan ports in solidarity not just with Comarit-Comanav seafarers in Spain but also those stranded in Sète, France, and in Moroccan ports such as Tangier and Nador.

Jose Ortega, ITF coordinator in Algeciras, said: “The reason for this demonstration is to convey to the Moroccan government the social drama of these workers; they have not received any salary for six months and the situation has already reached a critical point as there is a lack of sufficient food and fuel. Due to the company’s failure to deliver on its own promises, the seafarers will proceed legally for the recovery of their wages and will also request the arrest of ships in Algeciras and Almeria. The ITF will provide legal assistance.”